Thursday, September 24, 2009

Volunteering ... delayed

Today HRC sent out an email, asking for people to help make phone calls for a prominent pro-gay marriage outfit in Maine. The idea is to raise support and knowledge about the upcoming ballot measure, which the Yes side is trying to have succeed in taking away the right of marriage for gays.

My husband suggested we do the calling this weekend, so we signed up for a training session tonight. And then we waited for an email with instructions to come.

Then we waited some more.

And waited.

And ... waited.

The email never came. I've emailed them for a later training. But my hope is this is just a fluke and we're able to end up helping. I just had flashbacks to when Pomoprophet was turned away from helping defeat Prop 8 in California, and we all know how that turned out.

(Day 467)


Pomoprophet said...

grrrr! Let us hope that is not the case.

I got called last night by Equality CA. It is the org I tried numerous times to help with before prop 8. They were the top dog equality organization but now with all the grassroots ones, they no longer have a hold on activism in CA. But I think they have learned their lessons. They now have field offices open in every major city and are on the ground recruiting volunteers. They are also doing weekly phone banks to Maine. That last part encouraged me.

I went in tonight to help them do database stuff.

Good for you for volunteering. I hope they come through...

Topher said...

I'm glad that California organizations are getting their act together!

And I really hope to hear back so we can help on Maine too :-)