Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Domestic Partnership

So I've been going to a lot of weddings this year. And when I say a lot, I mean:
January: 1 in Kansas
February: 1 in Iowa
July: 2 in Iowa (including my own legal wedding, woo hoo!)
August: 1 in Iowa

And now I have one more to report:
September: 1 in Maryland

This last one stands out to me because 1) they hold a special place in my heart, not the least because they hold a special place in my husband's heart and 2) they're another gay couple. I won't quibble here between "marriage" and "domestic partnership" (since that's what Maryland offers). It could have just as easily been called "the cutest thing ever" and it would be just as accurate.

It was late on Friday afternoon when my husband and I went with them to the notary public to sign the documentation. It seemed to go so fast, with a flurry of signing and then we were out the door. I just had to hold us up and say "wait a second, I think we need to think about what just happened!" It was adorable how walking down the street from the store back to the car they held hands, just a comfortable, relaxing stroll of a partnered couple.

These friends have been together for quite some time now and, like my husband and I, have worked through many religious issues of their own, as well as have dealt with nonsupportive parents. But through it all, they have come out with a stronger relationship that I hope will continue to blossom over the coming years. Congratulations, (DJ)^2 (or JD^2?)!

(Note: there are an additional two weddings to go to this year ... bringing the total to ::drum roll:: 8!)

(Day 466 ... can you believe how big a number that is?!)


D.J. Free! said...

awww. so sweet! THANK YOU!! seriously, it was wonderful sharing that moment with you guys :)

i cherish you both . . .

Selly said...

"It could have just as easily been called "the cutest thing ever" and it would be just as accurate."

That sentence really made me laugh out loud. Because they really are such a cute couple. (Waves at DJ and JD).Someone mentioned starting a website mimicking cute overload, only for couples.

Of course you and Joe will be at the top of that list. I may be biased here but whatever!

I won't even comment on the DJ or JD bit. I already gave them a hard time about that a while back.

Topher said...

You're too kind, too kind! And definitely biased in your assessment :-)