Sunday, September 27, 2009

Volunteering ... success!

As an update to the last post, this morning my husband and I were able to volunteer to help keep the same-sex marriage law in Maine. The whole thing was quite new to both of us, as neither of us had ever before volunteered for a campaign before.

First, there was the training to do calls. We logged into a conference call and simultaneously saw a webcast of how to make the calls. Very slick interface, very easy to understand. We could see how it is a system used by many campaigns, all the way from local politicians to state-wide campaigns like this one. Aah, the legacy of telemarketing :-)

But then came the calling. I must admit, we were both quite nervous about the calling. I personally have a hate-hate relationship with phones. If I have any other option of communication, I choose it before I choose the phone. But in the end, we both sat down and began to make some calls. Many were ones where nobody answered, some were people who hate telemarketers (which I completely understand), and a small handful were people who actually cared. In the end, we had a small impact, but one that was on the whole helpful, and enlightening about how the entire process works for a winning campaign. Or what we certainly hope will be a winning campaign!

(Day 470)