Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July, my husband had a smashing plan for some festivities. As he will soon be moving to a city ~2 hours from here, he had hoped for our friends at home to see his new apartment location. Lo and behold, the Fourth provided just such an opportunity.

The lease for the new apartment started on July 1st and has a stunning view of the city and just so happens to overlook the river area where the fireworks were to be set off. So we and 6 friends hopped into cars and drove to the new city, stopping to eat at a local restaurant, and then lugging cases of beer and treats up three flights of stairs until we stepped into the apartment.

He has also worried (understandably so) that he will be lonely in a new place, somewhat distant from me and with no previous connections in the city. Some of this fear was allayed when a neighbor came over and invited us all to come to their party in a lower apartment. He was able to meet some of the people in the building and even people who work for the same company.

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