Monday, June 16, 2008

Bed and breakfast

My husband and I, busy as we are as graduate students, decided that marriage called for at least one day of rest and relaxation. So we decided to be efficient -- as all good engineers tend to be -- and combine the trip with an apartment search for my husband.

Traveling a few hours to his new town of work, we plopped down in a nice bed and breakfast on a peaceful lake. As soon as we saw the porch on the lakefront, we knew it was the place for us; after all, it had a rainbow-striped fish blowing in the breeze!

We only hope to find an apartment that can rival our current location for its walk score. My place had a score of 98 out of 100, while my husband's was a full 100 out of 100!

Update: we found an apartment, wonderfully located. And for the city, a great walk score, albeit is considerably less at 71 out of 100.

(Day 2)

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