Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About the ring

I am not used to jewelry of any sort. And so it has been a strange sensation to wear a ring. Pictured here, it is a handsome piece of titanium, comfortable, loose but not such that it will fall off.

My husband and I have the same ring -- if the same gender, why not the same ring? -- which at first struck me as a strange thing to do. But I've found that it provides an instant reminder of the vows we have exchanged, the love that we share, and how we hold the exact same dedication to one another.

We've also noticed that washing hands is only getting more complicated. There's that little bit of water that gets stuck under the band. Our solution so far? Push the band up on the knuckle until the finger is dry, then slide it back down. I suppose it will suffice.

The last note about rings: my titanium band scratched instantly, whereas my partner's is yet in pristine condition. Apparently I'm a little more demanding of my hands.

(Day 3)

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