Sunday, June 15, 2008

I. Am. Married.

I awoke this morning, gently rolling over to the man beside me, planting a small kiss on his exposed shoulder. Lazily I rolled away from my husband and toward the clock on the bedstand and, as my gaze shook off its fogginess, I made out the the time displayed in turquoise LEDs: 5:56am.

And I arose, swinging my legs off the left side of the bed, planting them gingerly on the carpet, stretching my back, tiptoeing from from the room. My right hand unconsciously reached for the left, turning the unfamiliar circular metal ring on the fourth finger.

And I stepped into a room bathed in morning sunlight, streaming at an oblique angle through its northern window. Approaching the window, I moved my head into beam of light and, tilting my head towards its source, stared into the sun hovering a small arc above the horizon.

Today is my first day of marriage.

(Day 1)

1 comment:

Joe Moderate said...

Babe, reading this makes me want to cry. and hold you. forever.

What precious memories. The happiest event of my life, bar none.

I love you with all my heart.