Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gay ... AND Christian?

For reasons that I will enumerate in a future blog posting, I believe that the future of the gay community lay in engaging with Christian communities in the United States. So perhaps you can imagine my delight when I, while reading the University LGBT Resources Office weekly newsletter, noticed this posting:


I am interested in trying to start a RSO (registered student organization) Christian group that is openly gay friendly. Being a gay Christian myself, I have found it incredibly difficult to find others like me. I know a lot of students turn away from religion because it is assumed that most religions are not accepting. And even though some groups that are already on campus will say that they won't turn anyone down, you can still feel the vibe that they believe you are in the wrong and are constantly judging you. If anyone else out there would be interested in helping organize a group that is an honest exploration of Christianity in a safe, nonjudgmental environment, please contact me.

Well, I for one was interested! Today I sat down with the undergrad student to discuss how to start things. The details I will save for another post. But we have something I wish to hear back on from you! You see, to register the organization, we need ... a name.

So if you have ideas, please let me know. The time horizon is unfortunately short, as we plan to register the organization with the University tomorrow at ~3:30pm central. Should it be obvious, like "Gay Christian Students"? Or perhaps more creative, like "Genesis 3:13" (go ahead, look it up)?

Whatever your ideas, I'd love to hear them. And soon!

(Day 306)


Pomoprophet said...

What about "Reclaiming the Rainbow"? It was a title of an article I once wrote but never got published.

Selly said...

I feel that any name that includes Gay will be leaving out the rest of the Christian LGBTQQAAI population. Unless that is your intention, but I hope not.

Beyond that, I don't have any suggestions yet. If I think of something before your deadline tomorrow, I will let you know.

And I don't get the Genesis 313 reference.

Newscrazy said...

I'm in. Lets talk about it at the gym today. How about Horizons?

D.J. Free! said...

hmmm . . . i think pomo's title is very interesting!

i too think that using anything with the name "gay" keeps Christians away, and using "Christian" would keep LGBT folks away.

i hope you find something meaningful and clever. i'm lacking inspiration in both categories today, so i won't be of any help. sorry!