Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recruiting ... no, not that kind

This post is not about about gays recruiting. Rather, it's about recruiting the gays.

In particular, it's about Northrup Grumman recruiting gays on campus. Our local oSTEM chapter was contacted by Northrup Grumman and asked if they could give a job talk (complete with free food, yum!). The 8pm talk consisted of two company representatives, one of whom was gay and involved in their company ERG (Employee Resource Group) devoted to LGBT issues, the other was an ally who said he attended the LGBT ERG because of his gay son. During the Q&A session, I asked specifically about their LGBT company policy, how it has changed while they have been employed at Northrup Grumman, and whether that policy is implemented or if it's just a talking point. They pointed out that Northrup Grumman has earned a perfect 100 on the HRC corporate equality index (CEI), which I later confirmed is true both for the 2009 and 2010 CEI ratings. They offer domestic partner benefits (unlike my husband's company, which rates only 75 on the 2010 CEI, albeit up from 55 on the 2009 CEI), as well as every other category tracked by the CEI. Apparently many (seven!) vice presidents of Northrup went to a conference on LGBT work issues along with numerous employees. Most telling, they said that though we would love to think Northrup made the change out of a sense of humanity, it really did so out of a necessity to recruit the best labor force for its company; yes, it made business sense to offer LGBT workplace rights and guarantees. Finally, they said the policy is implemented on the ground, that though there may be "haters" (their word, not mine), those people no longer have any company support and in some instances could be reprimanded. I was glad to hear this is now an entrenched corporate policy supported by the majority of its employees.

What I find particularly delicious about the whole situation is that the third largest defense contractor for the U.S. military is actively recruiting gays to produce machinery, electronics, and systems for the same military that would kick them out under Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT). Oh when will will get rid of DADT and not depend on gays to simply invent and manufacture our death rays?

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Jonathan D. Coppadge said...

So when are you guys joining the Baltimore Northrup Grumman work force? My uncle works for them here...

Amanda said...

brilliant... and agreed. ;)