Sunday, July 26, 2009

Series on gays and spirituality

I would like to refer readers to visit Ameriqueer blog, which is currently doing a series on LGBT and Allies and their take on spirituality. This spans from agnosticism to Chrisitianity to Judaism and onward. The series will continue for the next week or so.

I was asked by Ameriqueer whether I would contribute an article for the series. I immediately said yes. The catch, however, was that I had to come up with the exact topic. What could have turned into a long, difficult choice rather came to me quickly; I felt the strong urge to write about the first time that I felt the strong presence of God during a Quaker meeting. This was also a time shortly after having been asked to permanently leave the evangelical church I had been attending.

Feel free to read the post "Solace in the silence", hosted on Ameriqueer.

(Day 407)

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Thank you for your amazing contribution to my site! I really appreciate it!