Sunday, May 10, 2009

Looking forward, with an eye to the past

Two articles came out today related to how modern gay rights issues are related to the recent past.

The first is titled "5 years on, gay marriage debate fades in Massachussetts". This is, of course, the worst nightmare of those fighting the culture war. What happens when people no longer care is that the status quo continues. I find it fascinating and wonderful that there is now little-to-no political ambition to change the ruling on gay marriage among the state legislators.

The second is "Will Don't Ask, Don't Tell be back on the agenda?" Those of you having listened to the blogs recently will know that the Obama administration has seemingly been treading the waters, possibly backtracking on DADT, just to days later say that no changes in their stance has occurred. I do agree with the author that the most compromise possible on this issue has happened already and is embodied within DADT, such that now we should just go all the way. Otherwise a lengthy battle where people dig in their heels would probably ensue. Just get the political pain over and done with, and then everything will work its way through the system.

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