Monday, April 6, 2009

Decisions await!

Some of you may have guessed it already, but I have not officially stated it. So here goes. I'm going to get married.


The first time was, of course, my religious marriage with the local Quaker Meeting. But this time it will be a bona fide legal marriage from the state of Iowa, granting us a license. It won't be valid when we're in Illinois, but it will work just fine when we're visiting my family in Iowa. And it should be more than enough once civil unions get passed here, as Illinois will likely grant it as proof of our being a couple.

Of course, this marriage brings up a few issues. For instance, what day will I show at the end of each post on this blog? Will it be since June 14, 2008? Or some soon-to-come day in 2009? Or both?

Another question mentioned by my husband on his blog is about the line on the marriage form that asks for the groom's name after marriage.

We had heard from couples that having a same last name is good, particularly when children are involved. We hadn't thought about this recently, as we thought kids were still years off and marriage was an even more distant possibility. But now it's upon us. Will we combine last names, producing a hybrid? Or choose a name of some deceased famous person we respect? Or find a name by other means? We don't know. But our most recent idea is to search our genealogies to find out if we have forebears who had a common last name. If so, perhaps it could once again become a common last name, only this time for a couple at the intersection of the two family trees.

Hopefully there are not too many other decisions that will have to be made. The name decision should be more than enough!

(Day 297)

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