Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cru/LGBT Panel Discussion - Questions asked of each panel by the audience

After a ten-minute intermission, there was a question and answer session with questions that were collected via text message during the panelists’ discussion. Thus, this section was the one where there were no pre-planned answers. I will only list the questions, saving any responses and comments on such responses to the next few sections on how the panels performed well or poorly.

CRU Q: How can LGBT people be made to feel valuable in the church?
LGBT Q: Did you accept the apologies given by the CRU panel?
CRU Q: Do you homosexuality as an imperfection? Should gays repent?
LGBT Q: For the three panelists who did not respond, who do you feel Jesus is? What have been your experiences and interactions with his followers?
CRU Q: How do you accept an individual in the Christian community who believes that a homosexual lifestyle is pleasing to God?
LGBT Q: How do you accept an individual who is a Christian but who abstains from the homosexual lifestyle? (note: “homosexual lifestyle” was subsequently explained by the audience member to focus more on sexual desires)
CRU Q: Do you believe being gay is only about pleasure, or extends to who you choose to partner with regardless of gender?
LGBT Q: How do you accept an individual who is a Christian and yet decides to change their LGBT orientation believing it is wrong?
CRU Q: Where in the Bible does Jesus talk about homosexuality?
LGBT Q: You claim you were born with your orientation. How do you square this with the fact of human biology and the complementarity of male and female?
CRU Q: What if gays did choose their orientation, would this change the moral legitimacy of their actions?
LGBT Q: Do you feel that the Christian community has become more accepting of your orientation or is your experience that you still feel attacked?
Both Q: Do you ever consider that you may be wrong in your convictions about homosexuality? If so, how should this influence your actions?
LGBT Q: What can Christians do to make LGBT people feel better and more accepted?
Both Q: What question do you wish you had been asked by the other panel?
Both Q: Do you have any final comments to make?

Thus ended the night’s event, a mere 2 hours and 45 minutes after it began.

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