Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CRU/LGBT Panel Discussion - How Cru performed well

Below are some of the major ways that Cru performed well.

1) ORGANIZATION. Cru were the ones who initiated this panel, contacting the LGBT office and putting forth the proposal. In my mind this is the biggest thing Cru did well. In my experience, it is rare that Christians will seek out opportunities to have a dialogue with LGBT people. They deserve major kudos for organizing this and showing up in large numbers.

2) AUTHENTICITY. The panelists were making an effort to speak to the crowd, including (or primarily) the LGBTQA members. The audience questions were obviously (see final comments section) not pre-screened, nor were they coached. They were just unadulterated questions from the audience. The apparent sincerity helps engender trust between the LGBT and Christian communities.

3) DEMEANOR. Cru panelists weren’t pushy. They weren’t angry. They weren’t overly insistent. Instead, they had a certain sangfroid that kept them level-headed during the discussion. There were times where humility was on display, which is bonus points too!

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