Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holidays with the family

For the holidays, Jonas and I drove back to Iowa to visit with my side of the family. It proved to be a nice time to relax, play with my nephew, bake goodies with Jonas, and eat eat eat! Of course, that's why my parents now have a Wii Fit.

A few things that stood out:
1) Jonas was completely accepted into the family. He got presents, just as we gave presents out. He was "uncle Jonas" to my nephew, just like I'm "uncle Topher". He was just another relative at the family party, even more accepted than my half-sister's new date, or my sister's fiance.
2) My nephew absolutely loved the Caterpillar toy he received, which Jonas had picked up. He would open a new present, immediately drop it, and return to the CAT vehicle. I think it was great that Jonas' thoughtfulness was rewarded.
3) Jonas and I visited with my high school friends for a breakfast, where they would ask him questions, and where some apologized for missing our June wedding, asking about all the details.

I am one blessed man, to not only have a husband who loves me and who I love in return, but also to have a family and friends who are supportive of our relationship.

(Day 207)


Pomoprophet said...

What a nice feeling indeed! This was the first Christmas my BF and I celebrated together. My mom gave him a present. His mom bought gifts for all the significant others except me. This hurt my BF's feelings. And bothered me after I reflected on it. But its a slow process. I drove them on a wine tasting extraveganza and endeared myself to them. At one point his dad ruffled my hair and the BF said his dad had only ever done that to his sons. Baby steps.

Now if only Jonas' family would embrace you!

D.J. Free! said...

awww. *warm fuzzies*

seriously warmed my heart to read this.

my boy came home for Christmas dinner as well. my parents and my cousin got him presents. i was proud of them :) my brother met him for the first time, and gave him a HUGE hug when they met, and when they parted.

little by little . . .