Tuesday, December 16, 2008

6 Month-a-versary

My husband's brother, Joe, graduated from Texas A&M this weekend. Being the grand brother that he is, my husband flew down to spend time with Joe and the rest of his side of the family.

The thing that wasn't so grand about it was that we were going to spend our first weekend apart since we were married. And all this on our six month anniversary. It was almost more than we could bear!

Turns out that it was more than my husband could bear. On Sunday I had lunch with my friend KQ, met her cousin who's visiting for the next couple weeks, and ate her delicious cooking. She told me about this dinner we'd have with our friends Bryce and Phil that evening. Though short on details, I was in!

Heading out after lunch, I received a phone call shortly thereafter from Bryce asking to go to a downtown coffee shop. Now, I should at this point mention that Bryce frequents one coffee shop and only one coffee shop ... Paradiso. Not going to Paradiso? Should've raised alarm bells, but didn't.

At the coffee shop, Phil drops by and convinces us to go to Aroma, the coffee shop next door. Why? "Better coffee." Riiiiiight.

And in short order, we're all chatting away, watching SNL skits on computers, doing new car shopping, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and there is none other than my husband Jonas, stargazer lillies in hand and a huge smile on his face. Whaaaaat?!

Turns out they'd all pulled the wool over my eyes. Jonas hopped on a direct flight back, rather than taking the three-flight option that I had been told he'd take. KQ, Bryce, and Phil all were told to keep me away from work (how'd they know I'd be doing work on my "day off"? ;-) ).

But it didn't matter: we were together on our six month anniversary! And all thanks to a wonderful husband and the support of gloriously deceitful friends!

(Day 183)

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Joe Moderate said...

Awwww! I had so much fun planning this day; and I had the best help from our friends.

Your response was even better than I had hoped for--it was *perfect*! I remember when I walked up behind you in the coffee shop and you turned and saw me... after a moment of shock, you leaned in close and held me tight. :-) So sweet.

What a wonderful 6-month celebration!

your husband,

Joe(nas) Moderate