Sunday, August 17, 2008

Move in ... to two places


This weekend marks the beginning of one couple in two apartments. After crashing in various people's houses over the interim period since our honeymoon return (thank you all, particularly The Outpost and Jimmy!), I was finally able to move in to my short-term lease.

Short-term, you say? Yes, as I was one of those fools who decided to move into a newly constructed building, which just happens to have the problem of now still being under construction. While I wait for it to finish in August, I am making do at an apartment complex that targets students.

And not any type of student. These are the students who (on average) are slim, tanned, perfect clothes, and love hanging around the on-site pool. To say the least, I don't exactly feel like I'd want to stay here on a permanent basis.

Anyway, after receiving move-in help from some other apartment dwellers, my husband and I left town for his apartment about 2 hours away. It looks great with his/our stuff, it looks great with him in it, and we spent a great night walking the neighborhood, dining at a local campus eatery, and watching our latest Netflix movie. I just wish I could stay there with him.

But instead, this Sunday afternoon, we drove back to my place, so we could spend a night cuddling one last time before parting ways. Such good cuddles. I think I'll be missing them.


(Day 64)

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